Believers take part in a traditional Corpus Christi procession in Warsaw, Poland, 20 June 2019. [EPA-EFE/MARCIN OBARA POLAND OUT] DISCLAIMER: All opinions in this column reflect the views of the author(s) Adina Portaru  The European Union introduced its Guidelines on Freedom of Religion or Belief six years ago. But has theRead more

I have a dream.  In my dream, hundreds of parents, doctors, counselors, and pastors are protesting outside children’s hospitals throughout America. They keep protesting, not just for one day, but for months. They march in front of Lurie Children’s in Chicago, Boston Children’s, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, San Francisco BenioffRead more

 Jihadists are masters at putting people on the defensive, and the term “Islamophobia” is a potent weapon constantly used by them.  Essentially, it shuts down any comment about Islam that is not favorable.  Initially, it is the back door to censorship.  Ultimately, it is to establish the Islamic takeover ofRead more

The United Nations mission to Libya says at least 44 migrants were killed when an airstrike hit a detention facility.CreditCreditHazem Ahmed/Associated Press Refugees and migrants have been held in horrifying conditions in detention centers in Libya. Now they are being killed in the country’s civil war. On Wednesday at leastRead more

When we reach this so-called AI singularity, our minds and bodies will be obsolete. Humans may merge with machines and continue to evolve as cyborgs. The Conversation – There’s no shortage of dire warnings about the dangers of artificial intelligence these days. Modern prophets, such as physicist Stephen Hawking andRead more