Head of the UOC KP Filaret Denisenko. Photo: Facebook “Patriarch” Filaret believes that the Greeks outwitted the Ukrainians and there is no independence for the OCU. The leader of the UOC KP Filaret Denisenko believes that the contents of Tomos speaks about the dependence of the new church on the Patriarchate of Constantinople. He said about it in an interview with the Ukrainian Radio. “We were tricked. We were granted the Tomos on autocephaly, but we were enticed because in fact the Tomos enshrines dependence of the Ukrainian church on the Patriarchate of Constantinople,” Filaret said. “At the Council on December 15, we were not shown the contents of the Tomos. If I had known the contents, which were found out only on January 6, 2019, we would have refused it.” Moreover, Filaret, the head of the UOC KP, is sure that with the arrival of the Tomos it only got worse: “Tomos misled us. It split the Kiev Patriarchate into parts. This Tomos did not so much good as harm.” The Patriarch announced that he was convening the Local Council of the UOC KP to approve the structure independent of both Moscow and Constantinople: “At first it will be small, but this Kiev Patriarchate is certain to grow again to become a large one. Because the Ukrainian people demand an independent church.” Earlier, theRead more

Metropolitan Daniel of Vidin. Photo: «podvorie-sofia.bg» Metropolitan Daniel of Vidin wrote a letter to the hierarchs of the Church of Greece, in which he analyzed and severely criticized the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew. On May 17, 2019, the hierarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Daniel of Vidin, addressed a letter to all the metropolitans of the Greek Orthodox Church concerning the issue of Ukrainian autocephaly, reports«Fanarion». In his letter, Metropolitan Daniel asserts that the Ecumenical Patriarch is a man who, through violence, tries to usurp power in World Orthodoxy. The bishop of the Bulgarian Church calls upon Orthodox hierarchs to “raise their voice” against what is happening. “In this case, the Patriarch of Constantinople is not a father, but a person who, through violence, is trying to arrogate to himself power,” writes the metropolitan. “And these ambitions extend not only to the Holy Metropolis of Kiev but also to the entire Orthodox Church because Patriarch Bartholomew claims to interfere in the internal affairs of each Local Church. If we are real children of our Mother Church, the Orthodox Church, then we must raise our voice against what is happening, because otherwise we will support someone who, using power, tries to usurp rights exclusively belonging to the whole Church.” Metropolitan Daniel says that today’s claims of the Patriarchate of Constantinople to primacyRead more

By Michalis Marioras * Europe had a hard time to move on after the two great wars that left behind millions of dead and revealed the worst form of human nature. In the end, it made it mainly, we believe, through the economic growth, the expected profit and the coveted need of its peoples for peace, security, prosperity. Europe, however, was in fact the vision of some people who raised the common ideals and the basic characteristics of the European peoples in order to conquer the future. Thus, the European Union created and ensured for its citizens ideal living conditions at every level, making Europe, in our opinion, the best place to live in. Nowadays, on the contrary, it seems that Europe suffers from a lack of vision and from inability to propose common, long-term goals. At the same time, it increasingly abandons the elements of its constitution centered almost exclusively on the management of economic aggregates. For this development, we all have collective responsibility, albeit shared of course. Europe’s “bad” self is emerging with the responsibility, actions or indifference of everyone, citizens, leaders, institutional structures etc. In this sense, we are particularly concerned with Christianity in Europe, and therefore in Greece, as it is traditionally one of the “main arteries” of the European organization. However, specific questions arise in relation to theRead more

By ICC’s India Correspondent Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – “I was worried about the elderly people who were in the church that day,” Pastor Philip Rangasamy, pastor at Praise the Lord Church in Kanjapalli, explained in a recent interview with International Christian Concern (ICC). “They attacked us with iron rods and heavy wooden sticks.” Recalling the day that shook his entire congregation to its core, Pastor Rangasamy detailed the brutal attack that left four of his church members seriously injured on May 3. “Six people from the Hindu Munnani broke into the church and started beating us and shouting abusive language,” Pastor Rangasamy said. “They told us to close down the church.” “We were having a peaceful fasting prayer program without any loud noise,” Pastor Rangasamy recalled. “The church doors were closed, but the attackers accused us of creating a nuisance by having a church program.” Iyyanan, a 32-year-old member of Praise the Lord Church, had his left hand broken when it was hit by a Hindu Munnani wielding an iron rod. Angapal, a 70-year-old church member, sustained a serious head injury as a result of the attack. According to Pastor Rangasamy, Angapal’s head injury resulted in blood clot forming under the skull and required the elderly Christian to seek medical attention. Two others, including Pastor Rangasamy, were seriously injured in theRead more