Cattle and other livestock are responsible for a seventh of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, while transport accounts for roughly a fifth (Credit: Getty Images) A hefty slice of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the smelly bodily functions of livestock. Can tinkering with the microbes in their guts help toRead more

This month, officials in Los Angeles, California, are expected to approve a deal that would make solar power cheaper than ever while also addressing its chief flaw—its dependence on sunshine. The deal calls for a huge solar farm backed up by one of the world’s largest batteries. It would provide 7%Read more

Dr Milka Sokolović: “We waste a third of the food globally produced, half of which at the consumption level. At the same time, 2 billion of us are malnourished, 815 million chronically hungry.” [Shutterstock] The function of food packaging has traditionally been limited to passive protection from external influences, butRead more

In this image taken on Thursday Aug.1, 2019 large rivers of melting water form on an ice sheet in western Greenland and drain into moulin holes that empty into the ocean from underneath the ice. The heat wave that smashed high temperature records in five European countries a week agoRead more

In March, 55% of Portugal’s renewable energy came from its many dams. [Shutterstock] Increasing renewable energy capacity is one of the key pillars of the Energy Union and in the month of March, Portugal was regularly able to meet 100% of its energy needs predominantly through hydro and wind power.Read more