Air pollution causes 790,000 premature deaths annually in Europe, double the number quoted by recent World Health Organization (WHO) assessments, according to a study published Tuesday in the European Heart Journal. The researchers used a model to simulate atmospheric chemical processes and “interactions with the hand, oceans and biosphere,” according to the study, to determineRead more

With plastics being a major contributor to global pollution, many organizations have been making efforts to find alternative solutions to these harmful polymeric materials. Two Dutch scientists, with intentions of saving the planet, have started using algae to replace plastics throughout their city. If their mission works, they believe people will stopRead more

The “human footprint” is creating multiple challenges Politicians and policymakers have failed to grasp the gravity of the environmental crisis facing the Earth, a report claims. The think-tank IPPR says human impacts have reached a critical stage and threaten to destabilise society and the global economy. Scientists warn of aRead more

The integrated Global Olivine Sustainable Resource Recycling Facility (GO – SRRF) technology has been peer-reviewed by leading international experts. Global Olivine Limited maintains associations with a key input panel in which world-leading expertise from many international companies is represented. The UK Environmental Authority reported the process as ‘best available technology’Read more