Today, the most persecuted and affected people in the world are Christians in the Middle East. Who is responsible for the widespread destruction of the Christian community in the region? Islamists. The expert on the Middle East, Raymond Ibrahim, sets out the grim details. The video of the famous journalistRead more

Pretty much everyone knows that taking exercise helps people stay in good health. It staves off chronic ailments like type 2 diabetes and heart disease and – maybe – helps us live longer. Until recently, however, the prevailing view among both policy people and researchers was that you only got benefitsRead more March 22, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — A Dutch environmentalist legislator has suggested restricting surgeries for patients older than age 70 by allowing hospital geriatricians to decide whether or not to operate and continue to provide treatment. Corinne Ellemeet of Groenlinks (the Green Left) made the proposal in February and recently presented itRead more

An interactive map of the seizures of temples of the canonical Church by OCU supporters As of March 26, 62 parishes have been attacked by schismatic raiders. An interactive map of the seizures of UOC temples presented during the press conference “UOC in March: Reaction of International Organizations, Lawsuits, Religious ConflictsRead more