Metropolitan Nektarios (Dovas) of Kerkyra and Paxoi. There is instability in the Greek Orthodox Church, and the commemoration of “Metropolitan” Epiphany led to very serious upheavals, said Met. Nektarios. The commemoration of the “Primate” of the OCU Epiphany Dumenko by Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece in Thessaloniki ledRead more

His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry and His Beatitude Archbishop Ieronymos. Photo: The Greek scientist and theologian (Doctor of Physics and a certified Theologian of the University of Athens), Basil Eustathiou, in his letter to the Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church, said that he would no longer pray and receive communionRead more

O’MEGA1 is the first solar PV plant in Europe based on floating solar technology. [Copyright: @Akuo] The most powerful floating solar PV plant in Europe was inaugurated in southern France on Friday (18 October), marking another milestone in the development of solar energy. The Rhône valley in southern France is bestRead more

Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. In a recent, insightful First Things piece, Peter Hitchens reiterates the not so well known fact that Hitler was, in many respects, a progressive. And like progressives everywhere, Hitler saw young people as the vanguard of his movement. Thus: When an opponent declares ‘I will not comeRead more

The Archbishop said that Western countries including the UK needed to acknowledge their own “mea culpa” for the current situation in Syria.(Photo: Unsplash/JRomeo) Turkey’s incursions into northern Syria are threatening a “new exodus of Christians”, Aid to the Church in Need has warned.  Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo told the charityRead more