The Church of Agia Aikaterini in Gerani in 2008 before its demolition Cyprus is a country with a unique history and an ancient civilization dating back to 9000 BC. Due to its geographical position, Cyprus adopted the Christian faith from the very beginning of Christianity and as a result hasRead more

Are there canonical grounds for issuing of Tomos to Ukrainian dissenters? On January 5, 2019, Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople announced to the whole world his three important Decisions: • the restoration of his exarchate on the canonical territory of the Russian Orthodox Church; • the reinstatement of Filaret Denysenko andRead more

Really, are the Ukrainians this gullible? What did they expect would happen when they began treating with the Phanar? Are they unaware of the history of that long-ago, storied capital, a “New Rome” which hasn’t existed for half a millennium? Or, did they decide to play along with the fakeRead more