ACTION ALERT: Help us kill the Bill, not the Child

Date: 10th October 2018

Help us kill the Bill, not the Child

Precious Life need your urgent help to stop Diana Johnson MP and the leading abortion provider BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service) who are trying to make abortion legal up to birth throughout the UK. Through this ten minute rule bill, the Labour MP and BPAS want to introduce one of the most extreme and ruthless abortion regimes in the world right across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

On Tuesday 23rd October, Diana Johnson MP is bringing forward a Ten Minute Rule Bill regarding her proposed change to abortion law to Parliament and she has indicated she will be pushing MPs to vote on this Bill. That’s why we need you to urgently contact your MPs to tell them they must vote against this inhumane and despicable abortion Bill.

Diana Johnson and her supporters are totally ignoring the reality what we in Precious Life see on the streets of Northern Ireland every day; that the people of Northern Ireland do not want a change to our compassionate pro-life laws that protect and cares for both mother and child. Diana Johnson, BPAS and other forces at Westminster are showing a shocking lack of respect for Northern Ireland’s democratic process. Moreover, they are portraying a disturbing disregard for the principles of devolution. Abortion is a devolved issue in Northern Ireland and we do not need exterior forces at Westminster railroading over our own democratic process and purposely ignoring the situation and reality in Northern Ireland.

Diana Johnson fails to acknowledge the will of the people and the politicians in Northern Ireland. As recently as 2016, the Northern Ireland Assembly opposed any change to our laws. Furthermore, the people of Northern Ireland have repeatedly rejected abortion by voting in pro-life politicians in recent years. She also fails to give one mention or reference to the unborn baby, totally neglecting the wellbeing of defenceless unborn children whom society has a responsibility to care for and protect, not deliberately destroy through the medieval violence of abortion.

It is clear that Diana Johnson is exploiting the result of the Irish abortion referendum to accelerate her own abortion agenda.
In relation to her Bill, Diana Johnson wrote: “After the referendum result in Ireland earlier this year we can no longer shrug our shoulders at the inhumane treatment of women from Northern Ireland needing abortion care. The time has come to repeal the 19th Century law that criminalises women and those who care for them not just in Northern Ireland but across our United Kingdom. That’s why I’m announcing a Ten Minute Rule Bill, with support from MPs from five Westminster parties, to decriminalise abortion across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

What does ‘decriminalisation’ really mean?

Decriminalisation throughout the whole of the UK is what this diabolical Bill is designed to facilitate. Decriminalisation of abortion would make killing unborn babies legal without restriction up to and including the moment of birth. Diana Johnson’s abortion agenda is unspeakably cruel, barbaric and regressive and we need you to fight against it.

While Ten Minute Rule Bills don’t always become law and the vote will not be binding on the Government, the threat it creates is serious and potentially deadly. The abortion lobby at Westminster are attempting to use a vote on this Bill to create momentum in Parliament ahead of bringing forward an amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill to introduce these radical changes to abortion legislation.This heinous Bill would set a very dangerous precedent for abortion up to birth not only in Northern Ireland but also throughout England and Wales.


It is vital that MPs are aware of the extreme nature of what is being proposed here and that is why we are asking you to help us by doing everything in your power to stop this abhorrent abortion Bill. Visit, call, email, message through social media or write to your MP urgently to ask them to vote against these extreme and horrific proposed Bill before Tuesday 23rd October.

Your voice is needed now more than ever to defend unborn babies from the barbarity and violence of abortion. It only takes a moment to write to your MP, and the collective effect of this could potentially save thousands of lives and stop the horror of and evil of abortion from being unleashed on Northern Ireland.

To find out where your MP stands on Life issues please click on this link from Right to Life UK,


Yours in life,

Bernadette Smyth, Director of Precious Life

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