A letter to my baby who’s on the way this Christmas…

Dear Bump,

Me and mummy have been waiting many months for you to come into this world. We’re both very excited, nervous and scared because we want everything to be so perfect as the big day draws ever near. We’ve been busy getting the essentials ready, decorating your play room, picking an outfit for leaving the hospital and of course your pram. We’ve made our list and have checked it twice (and three times, and four…) to make sure we’re as prepared as we can be. Yes, I know you’ve heard me say I’ve never changed a nappy in my life, but I assure you, I’ll be a wizard at it by the time you are here!

Christmas has always been a time when I’ve been focused on presents, eating and parties. Now, none of that seems to matter. I only want one present this Christmas and that is for you to be happy and healthy when you’re born. Everything is about you and I know it will be like that from here on in. Christmas will be even more exciting in the upcoming years because I’m already imagining you writing out your list for Santa, leaving out milk and biscuits and waking up at God knows what hour on Christmas morning.

We’ve been told by many friends and family that you can never be truly ready for parenthood and I’m actually glad about that. If we knew what was coming, there would be no fun in it. Seeing your tiny heartbeat on our first can sent my own heart racing and I hope I can be a strong daddy and not bawl my eyes out when you finally arrive. Your new life awaits, and I suppose a new one awaits for me, also. I just hope I can make it perfect for you.

Please take it easy with the kicking on mummy in these last few weeks because she’s tired all the time and (sometimes) can be a wee bit grumpy!

Until we finally meet, and whether you are a boy or girl, I know you’ll be the perfect present.




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