Protection of Christians or is the UK worthy of its flag?

The United Kingdom must abandon the “Union Jack” (as is usually called the flag of Great Britain). And this is quite true against the background of recent events taking place in this country. These horrific events are violating all the moral and spiritual norms and principles of the once great Christian state. The British government has forgotten that their country once was a defender and patron of disadvantaged Christians, and, apparently, prefers not to recall this, but to patronize only some obscure Islamist groups and take into account the opinion of the terroristic “Islamic State”.

As it has been known, the United Kingdom refused to grant asylum to Catholic Asia Bibi, who was sentenced to death in Pakistan on charges of blasphemy and later acquitted by the Supreme Court. Earlier, Bibi’s husband Ashik Masih appealed to the British Prime Minister for help.

But, as stated by the chairman of the British Association of Christian Pakistanis, Wilson Chaudhry, the UK government is concerned that the moving to Great Britain of Asia Bibi will cause security threats and unrest “among certain strata of the community”, and will also cause a threat to the security of British embassies abroad by Islamist terrorists, reports Huffington Post.

Just imagine, the UK government is concerned about the threats of unrest among “certain strata of society”, only for the fact that Britain will give refuge to a Christian! Nonsense! Firstly, what are these “strata of society” since they are capable of causing unrest of such magnitude, that even the British government fears for its peace? Secondly, has the once strong power, like the UK, become so weak and helpless that it can be told how to live and what laws to pass by some handful of Islamists whom Wilson Chaudhry tolerantly called “a certain stratum of society”? If so, then this country is unworthy of its flag!

For those unaware: the flag of the United Kingdom consists of three parts – three crosses – the cross of St. George, the cross of St. Andrew and the cross of St. Patrick. All these patron saints of Great Britain themselves were true defenders of the Christian faith and suffered much from persecutors of Christians. And what do we see now?! – The British government patronizes and supports not Christians, but those who persecute and oppress them.

Britain, you should be ashamed of such actions! Britain, if you are weak, then ask for help, and if you are, as you say, “Great Power”, then you have nothing to fear, which means you will not follow opinions and provocations from “certain strata of society” and will continue your mission – to protect Christians!

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