Human rights met with the Patriarch Antioch and all the East John X

President of ” Public Law protection” Denisov O.S of the delegation, the European Institute of Religion and Law (Brussels) met with the Patriarch Antioch and all the East John X. During Thanksgiving praying s, Denisov O.S congratulated His Beatitude for hispatron’s day and offered gifts. The following day, a meeting of human rights defenders was held with the Patriarch, and the current issues and the situation of Christian communities in the Middle East, Ukraine, Montenegro and Macedonia were discussed.

Human rights defenders reported to the United Nations Human Rights Council during their fortieth session, the meetings of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), activities of the European Parliament, committees and committees of the European Union, communications to United Nations special rapporteurs and other official international forums.

His Beatitude Patriarch Antioch and all the East John Tenth blessed the President of the Organization “Public Law protection” Denisov O.S. And the staff of the Organization’s mission in the Middle East to implement a number of projects aimed at improving the situation of religious communities in the East and appointed a special representative of the Antioch Patriarchate for liaison and coordination with the Human Rights Group. The delegation continued its work in the Christian and Muslim refugee camps located in the border areas between Lebanon and Syria. It also held a number of meetings with representatives of the political circles in the Middle East, heads of local administrations, representatives of the Christian and Islamic communities

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