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Sweden’s Parental Leave Laws Are The Best In The World For This Reason

As a country, Sweden is often considered to be one of the happiest in the world. With so many amazing factors surrounding the government and resident satisfaction, it seems as though more and more people are making their way to Sweden to set up a new life. It’s also the perfect place to raise children, as their parental leave laws are second to none. Instead of forcing their parents to head back to work, or leaving one parent in the lurch as the other goes back to the office, Sweden has worked out something that benefits everyone.

Together Is Better

One of the biggest differences between Sweden and the rest of the world is that those in charge of this country think about the men in these families. Paternity leave is always so much shorter than maternity leave, and this can often be detrimental to everyone involved.

Sweden’s Parental Leave Laws Are The Best In The World For This Reason

Working As A Team

In Sweden, these rules are different. As a rule, parents are given 16 months worth of paid time off when they welcome a little one into their lives. This is for both of them, and they are then allowed the chance to divide this as they see fit. They could split it equally, or they could split it so that they both have eight months with their baby together. While it used to be illegal for parents to have time off at the same time, this law was rescinded in 2012 to allow both moms and dads extra support during this pivotal moment in their lives.

Sweden is known for many things, but it’s safe to say that it’s parental laws have made it stand out from the crowd.

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