Ukraine: OCU cleric promotes Nazi symbols

OCU cleric Sergey Tkachuk (far right) with UPA representatives. Photo: Facebook

OCU cleric Sergey Tkachuk promotes the Nazi swastika and media materials that heroize the representatives of the Nazi SS division “Galicia”.

The OCU “priest” Sergey Tkachuk on his Facebook page shared a link to the article of the “Historical Truth” edition, which talks about the “spiritual guidance” of the Nazi SS division “Galicia”.

The article materials contain Nazi symbols and talk about the “pastoral guidance” of fascist formations by representatives of the UGCC.

In particular, it is said that “in Heidelager, the regular Sunday holy liturgy was often served in the barracks, where no Christian liturgy had been held before – that is why the SS barracks were considered almost the shrines of National Socialist neopaganism”.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the “priest” of the OCU stated that the Church recognizes the heroes of the SS division “Galicia” as saints.

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