The American Medical Association has quashed a bid to adopt ‘neutrality’. An AMA delegate explains why In a move which has global repercussions, the American Medical Association has voted reaffirm its opposition to physician-assisted suicide. The AMA’s official position is that legalized assisted suicide is contrary to the physician’s role asRead more

By Natalia Deriabina | Shutterstock Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, just gave birth at 37. What are the risks and benefits of giving birth when you’re older? Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is 37 years old. Technically, that means her pregnancy was considered “geriatric,” the name for any pregnancy when a motherRead more

Actor, producer, and award-winning humanitarian Eduardo Verástegui is again speaking out against abortion. Perhaps most widely known for his role in the pro-life film “Bella,” Verástegui also appeared in the highly acclaimed film “Little Boy.” Currently producing two new films, including the “Sound of Freedom” – focused on human trafficking – andRead more

Noa with her autobiography  The death of a 17-year-old girl suffering from anorexia raises serious questions Last week the news that Noa Pothoven, a 17-year-old Dutch girl suffering from anorexia nervosa, had been euthanised flew around the world.  It wasn’t true.   The Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) clarified what had really happened: «She decidedRead more