President of ” Public Law protection” Denisov O.S of the delegation, the European Institute of Religion and Law (Brussels) met with the Patriarch Antioch and all the East John X. During Thanksgiving praying s, Denisov O.S congratulated His Beatitude for hispatron’s day and offered gifts. The following day, a meeting of human rights defenders was held with the Patriarch, and the current issues and the situation of Christian communities in the Middle East, Ukraine, Montenegro and Macedonia were discussed. Human rights defenders reported to the United Nations Human Rights Council during their fortieth session, the meetings of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), activities of the European Parliament, committees and committees of the European Union, communications to United Nations special rapporteurs and other official international forums. His Beatitude Patriarch Antioch and all the East John Tenth blessed the President of the Organization “Public Law protection” Denisov O.S. And the staff of the Organization’s mission in the Middle East to implement a number of projects aimed at improving the situation of religious communities in the East and appointed a special representative of the Antioch Patriarchate for liaison and coordination with the Human Rights Group. The delegation continued its work in the Christian and Muslim refugee camps located in the border areas between Lebanon and Syria. It also heldRead more

Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi has arrived in Canada OTTAWA, May 8, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who was sentenced to death in Pakistan for violating Muslim law, has arrived in Canada in the hope of starting a new life. After spending years on death row in her native Pakistan, Asia Bibi (aka Asia Noreen) may spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder despite finding refuge in Canada. Muslims have sworn to kill her despite being acquitted of charges of violating Pakistan’s laws barring blasphemy. She was sentenced to death in 2010 after being accused of blasphemy under Pakistani religious law following a dispute with two Muslim women in her village over a cup of water. According to Bibi’s accusers, Muslim sharia law forbids Christians from using the same eating and drinking utensils used by Muslims. Bibi told her persecutor, “I believe in my religion and in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. What did your Prophet Muhammad ever do to save mankind?” For these remarks, Bibi was beaten by her Muslim neighbors who had pursued her home. Police arrived to arrest her and take her into custody, pending trial. Once convicted, she faced possible hanging, which is the prescribed death for blasphemers in Pakistan. While no oneRead more

Dr Rebecca Dali talks of 5th anniversary of Chibok girls’ kidnap, from Abuja, Nigeria (Credit: Julia Bicknell) Five years ago, April 14th, 2014, about 230 girls from Chibok Girls’ Secondary School in NE Nigeria were rounded up at night by men in army dress and driven off on trucks into the darkness. In the immediate aftermath, 47 of them escaped; some jumped off the trucks, others managed to get away within a few days. At least 200 of the girls belonged to the EYN Church: wife of a former President of EYN, Dr. Rebecca Dali (one of the first to visit the parents after the mass kidnap), told World Watch Monitor that she was pleading for the Nigerian government to find and free the girls. In January 2016, the Nigerian military were reported to have freed 1,000 women held captive by Boko Haram, – but none of them were Chibok girls. 30 months on, the Islamist terrorist group freed 21 of the Chibok girls (Oct 2016), then 82 more in May 2017. Half of them -112 – have yet to be freed, says the Chairman of the Chibok Parents’ Association. Meantime at least a dozen of the Chibok parents have died, either themselves killed by Boko Haram, or by stress-related illness. The most recent report (from Reuters in Oct 2018) referring to the missingRead more

The OCU founders performing the anthem after the “Unification Council” The project of Petro Poroshenko is almost accomplished. A new church is created; the President has fulfilled his election pledges. But what do we have in the end? On December 15, the “unification council” came to the end in the walls of ancient St. Sophia. There was solemnly proclaimed the creation of a new Church, designed to unite all Ukrainian Orthodoxy and to become one of the Local Autocephalous Churches. After the “council” Petro Poroshenko said on the Sophia Square, “Glory to Ukraine! … This is the day of the final conquest of our Ukrainian independence from Russia! And Ukraine will no longer drink, in the words of Taras Shevchenko, ‘Moscow poison from the Moscow chalice’ … What kind of church is this? This is a church without Putin.” The President, civil servants and the media reported triumphantly and pathetically about the beginning of a new era in the history of Ukraine and world Orthodoxy. However, did everything happen the way they put it? Question 1. Does “Orthodox Church in Ukraine” actually integrate ALL Ukrainian Orthodoxy? Petro Poroshenko, Andrei Parubiy, the elected head of OCU, Epiphany, and all the others solemnly proclaimed that the Kiev Patriarchate, the UAOC, and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church rolled into one structure. Petro Poroshenko: “As a result ofRead more