A new study of 17 languages—including Vietnamese—suggests humans have a set rate of information transfer in speech. M2020/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Italians are some of the fastest speakers on the planet, chattering at up to nine syllables per second. Many Germans, on the other hand, are slow enunciators, delivering five to six syllables in theRead more

Language and perception of time are more linked than you may think.  JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD/AFP/GETTY IMAGES Scientists have explored the concept of time in countless ways, but what about how time relates to one’s lingo? According to a recent study, the language you speak may affect your perception of the passage ofRead more

The Swedish government announced Friday that it will allocate a historically high 2.9 billion SEK (approximately 300 million U.S. dollars) to the environment and climate as part of the country’s budget for 2020. Part of the funding will go directly to protecting and cleaning up high-value nature areas, and partRead more

CRISPR use a tool that cuts or “edits” DNA in a specific spot (Supplied) Patients are about to be enrolled in the first study to test a gene-editing technique known as CRISPR inside the body to try to cure an inherited form of blindness.People with the disease have normal eyesRead more

Philippe Desmazes, AFP | A general view taken on July 20 shows the Vallée Blanche (White valley) in the Mont Blanc mountain range near Chamonix in the French Alps. The mayor of Chamonix in the French Alps has urged President Emmanuel Macron to act against “wackos” climbing the nearby MontRead more