Hungarian women with four children or more will be exempted for life from paying income tax, the prime minister has said, unveiling plans designed to boost the number of babies being born. It was a way of defending Hungary’s future without depending on immigration, Viktor Orban said. The right-wing nationalistRead more

Due to large-scale violations of human rights and the threat of conflict escalation, the UOC calls on international institutions to influence the situation in Ukraine. Orthodox believers of Ukraine became hostages of a political game of our country leaders, who also involved Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople in these processes, which has alreadyRead more

With plastics being a major contributor to global pollution, many organizations have been making efforts to find alternative solutions to these harmful polymeric materials. Two Dutch scientists, with intentions of saving the planet, have started using algae to replace plastics throughout their city. If their mission works, they believe people will stopRead more

Precious Life welcome the news that the Alabama Supreme Court has ruled that an unborn baby is a person. This is following the decision that a wrongful death lawsuit, brought by a woman who claims her doctor caused her to have a miscarriage by administering an abortion-inducing drug, can proceed.Read more

The “human footprint” is creating multiple challenges Politicians and policymakers have failed to grasp the gravity of the environmental crisis facing the Earth, a report claims. The think-tank IPPR says human impacts have reached a critical stage and threaten to destabilise society and the global economy. Scientists warn of aRead more

It is amazing to think that everything around us is made up from just 90 building blocks – the naturally occurring chemical elements. Dmitri Mendeleev put the 63 of these known at the time into order and published his first version of what we now recognise as the periodic table in 1869.Read more